The epitome of luxury vehicles and unparalleled service at PAN Motors, Cyprus’ premier luxury car importer.

Luxury in Motion

PAN Motors, situated in the picturesque locale of Paphos, Cyprus, distinguishes itself as a prominent luxury car importing company. The essence of our enterprise exudes a palpable dynamism, a characteristic that is unequivocally mirrored in the sterling reputation we have cultivated over the years.

Our brand, PAN Motors, has become synonymous with an array of quintessential attributes: Reliability, Safety, Style, Elegance, and a commitment to exemplary After Sales Support. We are unwaveringly dedicated to surpassing ordinary expectations to deliver the epitome of luxury in the realm of automobiles.

Our singular mission revolves around a visionary pursuit: to provide luxury vehicles that exude opulence and refinement without ever compromising on the paramount aspect of safety. Originating as a humble local enterprise in Paphos, PAN Motors swiftly asserted its presence and carved a significant niche in the fiercely competitive automobile market of the island. Today, we stand as one of the foremost key players in the domain of luxury cars in Cyprus, a testament to the collective zeal and dedication of our team.

While our online platform showcases a diverse array of meticulously inspected Approved Used cars and brand-new offerings, we recognize that your unique preferences may transcend the bounds of what is readily visible on our website. Therefore, we extend an invitation to you: Why delay? Let us know your specific requirements, and we will endeavor to make your luxury automotive dreams a reality.

Luxury in Motion